Suggest an event or a public program to the Library of Museum of Finnish Architecture!

Do you have an event or a public program that you would like to organize at the Museum of Finnish Architecture? Would you like to try something new or even test a workshop concept at a low threshold? Do you need a venue for a lecture, a movie club or a music performance? Do you want to set up a reading group, discuss literature, give a presentation, or organize a get-together on a current topic? Do want to organize a book or zine launch or something else?

The Museum of Finnish Architecture will open the doors of its renewed library in June 2020. The space reform will allow open and free of charge public events to be held in the library. The Museum of Finnish Architecture has now opened a continuous open call for events and public programs. The museum library offers space for a variety of groups and small events related to architecture, art, science and culture.

Proposals are reviewed once a month and all applicants are informed of the selection. Selections are made by a multidisciplinary working group consisting of the staff members of the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Currently, around 1–2 events or public programs are selected for one month.

The Library of the Museum of Finnish Architecture is

• Kind
• Respectful
• Ambitious
• Critical
• Interesting
• Easy
• Commenting
• Agile
• Supportive
• Sustainable

The Library of the Museum of Finnish Architecture offers the organizer of an event or public program

• Space: The library’s public space can accommodate approximately 20 to 30 people.
• Presentation Technology: The library has a 65-inch screen that can be used during the event. In addition, the museum will provide audio equipment, a presentation computer and the necessary wires and adapters.
• Production and communication assistance in implementing the program.
• To learn more about the accessibility of the Museum of Finnish Architecture:

In our selection, we emphasize a program that is

• Related to architecture or current exhibitions at the Museum of Finnish Architecture
• Related to the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030
• Located within the library’s opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am – 6pm, Wed 11am – 8pm. However, you can also suggest an event or program out of hours.
• Is open to everyone and free of charge. The event may be aimed at a specific group or audience or be related to the activities of an organization. Please note, however, that we cannot close the library for other visitors during the event or public program.

The above priorities do not automatically exclude or guarantee the selection or implementation of the event or the public program. Working, studying, informal gathering, and normal use of the library are recommended and do not require prior notice.

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For more information
Jemina Lindholm, Event Producer