TYIN tegnestue Architects / NOR
The TYIN Architects Toolbox
The TYIN Architects Toolbox™ contains everything needed to create useful, beautiful, and necessary structures in any circumstance. TYIN Architects Toolbox™ is mobile, sturdy, practical, and simple to use. Bring it along when you are starting a new project and see the value of using these simple methods and tools. Your architecture and everyone involved will benefit from the results when using TYIN Architects Toolbox™.
The tools you find in your TYIN Architects Toolbox™ will help you in implementing your ideas. The hand tools are useful when you need to solve basic issues, such as construction and shaping the chosen materials. Furthermore, the abstract tools available will be crucial when facing the social and mental challenges that lie beneath the surface of the situation. The TYIN Architects Toolbox™ contains practical tips on how to proceed with projects with tight schedules, and limited budgets and resources.

The TYIN Architects Toolbox™ is developed by professionals through practical experience and field-tested under extreme conditions. It is sturdy and can easily be sent by any mode of transport without danger to the contents.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen
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